Springfield Tow Truck haulingTowing is a very delicate exercise that requires high technical knowledge and expertise. The demand for safety and security when handling a client’s vehicle is high. When you mishandle a vehicle, the insurance company may not be willing to compensate, especially when there is some form of negligence from the company’s side. A good towing company will put adequate mechanisms to ensure no room for any damage to the client’s property. The safer and more secure your transportation is, the higher the chances of retaining customers and getting more referrals. Here are tips on how to safely tow a vehicle.

  1. Proper tow truck weight management 

Make sure that you use the appropriate tow truck when transporting a vehicle. You must ensure the weight of the tow truck is not only higher than the car being towed but also matches the standard set weight capacity. When you overload a tow truck, its parts may easily loosen up and cause an accident. Be honest enough to the customer when you do not have the proper machinery and refer them to another friendly company. Where clients have placed orders early enough and you do not have the required tow truck, you can hire one.

  1. Driver’s Qualification 

Whether a vehicle will be safely towed to a given destination highly depends on the driver’s qualifications. Ensure that your drivers are fully registered, have the requisite qualifications, and undertake periodic refresher training to ensure they are aware of the vehicle market changes. Conduct a proper background search on your driver to avoid malpractices such as theft of clients’ personal property or selling loose spare parts from the client’s cars.

  1. Site Safety 

Towing is a human-driven exercise; for effective towing services, the drivers and technicians must be safe first. A site-safety examination must be conducted, especially where there were accidents. Drivers must confirm with law enforcement agencies whether they have pending interests before they tow a vehicle from a scene. Drivers should also check whether the vehicles have some deformations, which may lead to severe accidents even when the vehicle is loaded; gas leakages are a significant risk where drivers might be smoking-they may lead to the burning of both the tow truck and the towed vehicle.

  1. Appropriate Machinery 

Even if you have the most qualified drivers and you equip them poorly, they won’t be able to deliver. You should ensure that you have acquired a fleet of tow trucks for each service, be it regular towing services or roadside assistance you wish to provide. Small and delicate vehicles would demand more technology than medium vehicles. Drivers and technicians must be trained on how to handle the equipment provided.

If you pay attention to the factors discussed above, you will save your company’s image, retain clients and command the market. I would advise that on your company website, you must demonstrate to your potential clients the mechanisms you have put in place to ensure that you handle their vehicles safely.




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