Springfield Tow Truck haulingWhether you are looking for cargo services or need a pallet of wood delivered to a remote location, the team at Springfield Tow Truck is here for you. We have been providing quality local hauling for well over a decade, and we might be the best-kept secret in the Springfield, VA, area. With our great rates, quick response time and fleet of nimble flatbed trucks, local hauling is genuinely one of our specialties. Below, you will find more information about some of our services as part of our local hauling services.


If you are looking to move a small amount of cargo around the Springfield, VA area, then it is about time that you called Springfield Tow Truck. We have been providing cargo transport services for years, and as we use flatbed tow trucks, offloading and loading is an absolute dream. Plus, our trucks can go anywhere with our small stature, making our services a great option for low-volume cargo. With our great rates, excellent service standards and excellent drivers, you will be hard-pressed to find a better choice in the Springfield, VA region.


Did you know that Springfield Tow Truck provides one of the most cost-effective pallets hauling services in the Springfield, VA region? We do, and we are proud to offer our excellent services to our clients. Our flatbed trucks will arrive at the location and load up with our pallet services. Our flatbed tow trucks make loading a breeze, whether using a hand truck or forklift. Once we secure the pallets, we will quickly transport them to their location and finish the job. It is simply efficient, and so is why we love dealing with local hauling of pallets in Springfield, VA!


hauling equipmentPackage hauling is one of the growing services for our local hauling options. With more and more people looking for larger packaged items such as workout equipment or appliances, our team is uniquely set up to help. These packages are easy to load on our flatbed trucks, and as we are smaller trucks, we can fit into tight spaces easily. So, whether you are looking to deliver a fridge, spin bike or even a packaged couch, the team at Springfield Tow Truck is here for you!

Irregular sized cargo

Our team has seemingly hauled it all from outhouses to lumber and even sculptures. With our fleet of flatbed tow trucks, hauling irregular sized items is one of our specialties. So, whether you need to move lumber to a new build site or that life-size sculpture to the cottage, the team at Springfield Tow Truck can help move it with ease.

Whether you are looking for local hauling services or have a question on how Springfield Tow Truck can help, we are here for you. Our local hauling services are somewhat under the radar, but they love it for our clients who use it. So, if you need to move something, it might be time that you called Springfield Tow Truck and experience a better local hauling option in and around Springfield, VA.