Springfield Tow Truck haulingThe towing service industry has been rising, with more towing companies opening up businesses across the country. Experienced drivers know that cars can develop issues at the most inopportune times. Road accidents can happen at any time of the day or night. Towing companies come in handy when we are stuck on the road during such incidents. Unfortunately, some scrupulous companies exploit unsuspecting clients and commit illegal towing practices. Such practices can range from wrongfully towing a vehicle, uninsured tow companies and drivers, or even physical crimes against customers. We want to educate you on some common illegal practices that cut across the country.

The following are some common laws that towing companies violate.

Wrongfully Towing Vehicles.

Towing companies may tow your car without your consent only if;

  • You have parked illegally, like in front of a fire hydrant, a tow-away zone, a handicap spot without a handicap pass, or when you have double parked on the street.
  • Vehicles that have been abandoned on the road or overnight in a restricted area for more than 72 hours.
  • If your driving license or vehicle registration is expired.
  • If your car is obstructing a private resident from accessing their property.
  • If you have parked your vehicle in an area with a clear “no parking” sign.

Make sure you park your car in a designated public parking area to avoid getting it towed. If you believe your vehicle has been wrongfully towed, you need proof that you did not park it illegally. Provide copies of parking receipts, photos or videos of the area where you parked your car, and a complaint filed to the local police to avoid paying fines.

Damaging your Vehicle while during towing service.

Usually, damages to a car being towed happen when the towing equipment is not up to standard or well maintained. Some towing companies will not follow laws that regulate towing equipment. They might buy chains, hooks, and cables that are not up to the standard required by law because they are cheaper. These companies will also want to save a buck by hiring unqualified towing drivers who might not have any training on towing and safe towing practices.

Unlicensed and Uninsured Drivers.

In most states, the law requires special driver’s licenses for certain types of commercial drivers. Tow companies need some drivers with DMV commercial licenses. Unethical companies might send an unqualified driver to do a towing job, especially if they don’t have one with a special permit on call. This is very dangerous because towing jobs like heavy-duty towing require an experienced licensed driver to avoid causing further damage to vehicles.

Towing Prices.

It is usually illegal to tell someone a price for a service and then change the cost when you have already completed the service. A fraudulent tow company might quote a low price, sneak in extra charges, or even refute the quoted price. They might then threaten to impound your vehicle unless you pay them.

These are some of the more common illegal towing practices. Knowing them will make it easy to avoid falling prey to some fraudulent towing companies. Different states have different towing laws, so you should familiarize yourself with towing laws in your state.

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