Springfield Tow Truck mapBordering West Springfield, North Springfield, and Newington is the census-designated place (CDP) known as Springfield, Virginia. With a population of 30,484 as of 2010, the growing Northern Virginia location is the most populous region of the Washington Metropolitan Area. If you’re new to Springfield, know that the CDP has a long and interesting history with unique transportation and entertainment opportunities. Learn more about Springfield through this list of interesting facts.

  1. Springfield is a Common Place Name

Did you know that there are 85 locations spanning across 35 states with the name of Springfield? There are also 41 Springfield Post Offices with five residing in the state of Wisconsin. Ohio has a whopping eleven townships with the name of Springfield. Many of these areas are named after the important manufacturing center of Springfield, Massachusetts established during the nation’s first century.

  1. Springfield Has Four ZIP Codes

The U.S. Postal Service identifies Springfield, Virginia with having four different ZIP codes. Unofficially known as “Central Springfield,” the ZIP code of 22150 refers to the actual CDP. North Springfield has a ZIP code of 22151, West Springfield’s ZIP code is 22152, and Newington has a ZIP code of 22153.

  1. Springfield Dates Back to the 19th Century

The area known as Springfield today has roots in the 19th century. In January 1851, Henry Daingerfield acquired 920 acres of land in the area where Backlick Road crosses the Railroad tracks. He named this region Springfield Farm. Today, the land is partially occupied by Shirley Industrial Park and acts as the intersection between Beltway and Routes 95 and 395.

  1. Springfield Was Once a Saw and Grist Mill

Between 1796 and 1800, Springfield was primarily made up of a saw and grist mill. The mill, owned by James Keene, gave way to the name of Old Keene Mill Road which is still used in Springfield today. The saw and grist mill served local farms for more than 60 years before being discontinued. Today only two mill races remain.

  1. Springfield Offers Cheap Entertainment

Throughout Springfield you’ll discover a number of strip malls that offer incredible finds. You’ll also come across mouthwatering Asian and middle-eastern cuisine that you should definitely try. If you’re looking for even more entertainment options, take a day trip to Washington DC via one of the city’s bus lines or the metro’s Blue Line.

  1. Springfield Has Become a Popular Retail Destination

Before the opening of Springfield Town Center, formally known as Springfield Mall, in 1973, the area had few shopping destinations. Today, you’ll find a number of retail outlets, including the Brookfield and Springfield shopping centers, the Franconia-Springfield Parkway, the Franconia-Springfield Metro, and Virginia Rail Express Station.

Springfield, Virginia has quickly grown into a bustling hub with modern homes and plenty of fun dining and entertainment opportunities. From humble beginnings, the CDP has become a popular vacation spot and a peaceful destination where many families go to find their forever homes. Explore all that Springfield has to offer.

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