Wrecker SpringfieldDid you know that the team at Ned’s Tow Truck of Springfield also provides an excellent junk car removal service that serves the entirety of the Springfield, VA area? We are so proud to offer this vital service to our community. Whether you are looking to get rid of your old beater that has been rusting in front of the house for a few years or need more space in the garage, our team is here to help! Below, you will find more information about our junk car removal services and how they work.

The initial call

When you first call up Ned’s Tow Truck of Springfield, our friendly staff will have a quick chat with you to ensure that you understand the process, and we will also ask for some important information. The things that you should have on hand before you call includes:

– Make, model and year of the vehicleSpringfield Towing flat bed

– Accident history of the vehicle, including the current condition

– If there are any liquids such as gas, coolant or oil still in the vehicle

– Location of the vehicle

Once we have that kind of information, our team will work our magic and get you a quote. We provide all of our clients with an over the phone quote so that you can compare and contrast around town.

All of our quotes are built with software that compares other vehicles of the same make and model and the Kelly Blue Book evaluation of the vehicle. We want to ensure that you are getting value for your money, and whether that means we can get you a great quote or a quote for scrap steel, we will be upfront and honest with you. Once we agree upon a number, we will set up a time for pickup.

Pickup Day

Springfield Tow TruckOn the day of pickup, one of our tow trucks will arrive at the pre-arranged time and get to work. If we are recovering the vehicle, we would ask that you remove any debris or things in the yard and the immediate area so we can safely remove the car. Once we get the vehicle on the truck, our driver will go over the last of the forms, including transferring ownership over to our company, and we will provide you with cold hard cash. Yes, it is easy and seamless with the team at Ned’s Tow Truck of Springfield.

So, if you are looking to get rid of a junker or have been wanting to remove that rust bucket from your yard for years, it is about time that you called Ned’s Tow Truck of Springfield. We have been the go-to local option for years and will provide you with a fair and honest cash deal that ensures you are still getting your money’s worth. Plus, we haul it and get rid of it, which means less work for you. Now is the time to call our team and finally take advantage of one of the best junk car removal services in the Springfield, VA, area.


Ned’s Tow Truck of Springfield


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